Friday, 27 February 2009

40k W.A.Gs

My girlfriend is a regular attendant of the gaming club on a Saturday afternoon, as do the girlfriends of a couple of my fellow gamers. "The Girls in the Corner" as their namesake suggest, come in to see their men, but end up congregating in the seated area in the corner and generally take up space. I do feel for the girls, I really do; they come all the way into town on a Saturday (not as if they wouldn't anyway I suppose) come up to our local sports centre (ooh the irony) to see their charming men, and for 30 minutes to an hour at a time, get neglected for small, plastic man-dolls. Some of the girls take it better than others, but on the whole this causes problems for us, the men - do we abandon gaming and our responsibility to the other gamers to run the club, playing, reffing and generally bantering, for the sake of our girls? The answer should be yes to that, but oft at times in this hobby thats difficult, with people harrassing you for games, rules calls etc.

The guys at The D6 Generation seem to have the right idea, converting their adored ladies into gamer girls. Is this the way forward gentlemen? Indoctrinating our loves into our cult of GW? How great would it be guys, if we could sit and gladly talk to our spouce or partner about the merrits of a mech tau list in 5th edition? Sadly, I've only managed to convert my dear woman to the Xbox as yet...but soon...soon.

So I was wondering, for all you guys out in the 40k nation, how do your wives and girlfriends react to your little painted, plastic crack-men?

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Some completely minis

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Thoughts on Conflict

So for everyone not from the UK, Conflict is a tournament run by Games Workshop at a reigonal level, sort of like a combination between a GT, a Convention and a tourney at your local game store. The guys at our local gaming club are big fans, and big winners to boot, with a 1st place and a 2nd place (by your truely) in the trophy cabinet, 40k being our fortay...k...

The rules;
500pts list x2

So here are my musings for this year, as you shall learn soon dear friend, I'm a keen Dark Angel and Eldar fanatic

Farseer 55
Jetbike 30
Fortune 30
Doom 25
Spirit Stones 20
Singing Spear 3

Jetbikes x 7 154
Shuriken Cannon x2 20

Jetbikes x3 66
Shuriken Cannon 10

Jetbikes x3 66
Shuriken Cannon 10


War Walker Squadron x3 90
Shuriken Cannon x6

Vyper Squadron x3 135
Shuriken Cannon x3 15

Guardian Defender Squadron x10 80
Brightlance 30
Warlock 25
Enhance 5

Rangers x5 95

I'm considering dropping a bike from the big squad and giving the Farseer, Runes of Warding, for a good old fashioned Psyker Shutdown, but we shall see how testplay goes.

More soon.


Well hello there blogger types

So, having cruised around the waves of the interweb for quite some time, lurking in forums, listening to some fantastic podcasts (WRN guys, you all rock) and absorbing the knowledge from some fantastic blogs all on the subject of my favourite, plastic flavour crack, warhammer; I've decided to record my musings and projects in my own little slice of ingnorance.

This perhaps isn't even for the benifit of the reader, my friend, but perhaps myself, just to kick myself up the arse to finish projects, record my own musings on the game that we love and the people that play, and just liase with the Warhammer nation in general.

So i guess all there is to say is, welcome dear reader, and I hope to be posting some more soon.