Friday, 26 June 2009

Battle By the Beach Fundraiser

Well T-minus 18hours until the Battle By the Beach fundraiser for DefCon begins and good lord its been a tough week with still so much to do. Before work tonight I must finish this damn Black Templar Commander for the auction otherwise I'll never fogive myself...well I might considering I really want to keep it...darn. Everyone else seems to be doing the same, licks of paint on old models here, re-gluing there preparing rules for games. Goodness, we are on thin ice here.

We hope to get a good amount of money tomorrow from the various events we have planned: the Battle by the Beach itself, which is our big tank battle with some pesky input from the Last Chancers throughtout the day, an Eldar v Necrons Kill Team (yes, remember 4th edition??) table which is looking awesome, speed painting and blind painting. The death race table being set up by Fraser is spectacular and I adore the rule-set he;s come up with. Oh and the character bash will be good times too.

Tomorrow I'll post up some pictures from the event, just to get the juices flowing for some people who are interested. In the meantime, here's mr unfinished who I'll be putting in the auction, pardon the sub-par camera being used by the good digital has picked today to die.

Not quite finished...

More to come.


Friday, 19 June 2009

DefCon Logo Update

DC Progress #1

So first DefCon post XD.

Crazy week, emailing GW and the local council, however it seems we have the situation with both in an amicable place which is always good. Our initial goal of 30th August seems a little pie in the sky at the moment, so myself and the team are now considering sometime in early October. A bit of a blow, but hey, you take your lumps.

We'll be holding our Battle By the Beach fundraising event in the 27th June in Ayr and so far there has been a great response from the local gaming community. Hopefully it will turn out to be a great day.

Finally, in this short update, I need to thank my old mate Andrew who has kindly taken it upon himself to do the artwork for the event, so here is his initial WIP.

More to come.


Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Announcing DefCon 09

Well hasn't it been a while yet again. However, this time I have a tangiable excuse.

About 3 weeks ago I pitched an idea to the club, and boy, did they love it. So Blogger folks, I present to you for the first time...

DefCon 09, is a 1500pts tournament for Warhammer 40,000, with particular emphisis from the event being on the experience of the tournament player his/her experience. The event will be played over a single day with 3 games deciding the winner.

DefCon will take place on the 30th August 2009 in the Citadel Leasure Centre in Ayr, Scotland, tickets being priced at £20 per player. Don't worry folks, you get some bang for your buck, there will be prize support ;)

If you are in the area and can come along, I highly reccomend it as we are are putting out heart and soul into this tourney :)

More to come.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Calling all Scots and Northern England/Irish gamers!

Right, now, this is a bit of a lead on from my news post, regarding GW's exit from the Tournament scene in the US. On the back of this decision, so the rumour goes, GW are also going to be pulling out of the Conflict scene in the UK. No great loss as I'm sure you'll agree, those of you who attended Conflict Scotland this year will remember the poor organisation of the tournament, especially the farse that occured with the second 40k game (40 minute time limit for a doubles game? What the hell?!). The problem is now, for those of us outside Nottingham who are perhaps unable to attend GT have NO significant tournament scene outside local run club games.

My idea, came on the way back from CS. I believed that gamers could run a better tournament if they had the drive to make a great day. Hell, look at the US and Australian independant scene, some of the best gaming in the world happens there!

So, for those in the UK and Eire, i have a few questions for you:

1) How willing would you be to travel to the west of Scotland for a tourney covering all GW main games with the inclusion of battles and games for spectators, along with GD-esque painting comps and other such goodness.

2) How many points per system would be acceptable for a 1 and a half hour game - 3 of which will be played.

3) How important is a "Gladiator" style event, and would you wish one? (Adepticon style).

4) How much would you expect to pay?

5) Would it be more appealing if a deal on a hotel was arranged?

For those in the US and other areas, what advice would you give?