Monday, 16 March 2009

Slump-city, population: me

Ahoy all, me again. It's been a while my dear friends, alas I am at a slump in my hobby enthusiasm - diverted away by the way of the student and my near fanatical devotion to running Dark Heresy for the boys. It's a strange time, where rather than focus on armies on the battlefield, you have to worry about a smaller group of people who you have little control over. Ah, the joys of the GM.

However, I digress. Gentlemen (and ladies) my question to y
ou is how do you get out of the habit of putting the hobby to the sideline?

Yes, twas just a short one today, bigger update tomorrow with my entry for best squad in Golden Griffon at Conflict, but here is progress one one of my Eldar Pathfinders.


  1. Nice depth here. I especially enjoy the guns and how they contrast nicely off the brown cloak. A very well painted mini!

  2. For me the best way to get out of a slump is to find motivation. I find motivation in a few manners... Looking at other peoples progress (this usually causes envy which then motivates me), scheduling a game or three (this then motivates me to get things painted for that game), lastly wanting to update my blog so readers stay interested. Motivation can be found just about anywhere really. The key is finding what works for you the best. I also make it a point to make some form of progress every night no matter what. This will get you into a habit where slumps then become few and far between.