Thursday, 28 May 2009

Calling all Scots and Northern England/Irish gamers!

Right, now, this is a bit of a lead on from my news post, regarding GW's exit from the Tournament scene in the US. On the back of this decision, so the rumour goes, GW are also going to be pulling out of the Conflict scene in the UK. No great loss as I'm sure you'll agree, those of you who attended Conflict Scotland this year will remember the poor organisation of the tournament, especially the farse that occured with the second 40k game (40 minute time limit for a doubles game? What the hell?!). The problem is now, for those of us outside Nottingham who are perhaps unable to attend GT have NO significant tournament scene outside local run club games.

My idea, came on the way back from CS. I believed that gamers could run a better tournament if they had the drive to make a great day. Hell, look at the US and Australian independant scene, some of the best gaming in the world happens there!

So, for those in the UK and Eire, i have a few questions for you:

1) How willing would you be to travel to the west of Scotland for a tourney covering all GW main games with the inclusion of battles and games for spectators, along with GD-esque painting comps and other such goodness.

2) How many points per system would be acceptable for a 1 and a half hour game - 3 of which will be played.

3) How important is a "Gladiator" style event, and would you wish one? (Adepticon style).

4) How much would you expect to pay?

5) Would it be more appealing if a deal on a hotel was arranged?

For those in the US and other areas, what advice would you give?

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