Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Announcing DefCon 09

Well hasn't it been a while yet again. However, this time I have a tangiable excuse.

About 3 weeks ago I pitched an idea to the club, and boy, did they love it. So Blogger folks, I present to you for the first time...

DefCon 09, is a 1500pts tournament for Warhammer 40,000, with particular emphisis from the event being on the experience of the tournament player his/her experience. The event will be played over a single day with 3 games deciding the winner.

DefCon will take place on the 30th August 2009 in the Citadel Leasure Centre in Ayr, Scotland, tickets being priced at £20 per player. Don't worry folks, you get some bang for your buck, there will be prize support ;)

If you are in the area and can come along, I highly reccomend it as we are are putting out heart and soul into this tourney :)

More to come.

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