Friday, 26 June 2009

Battle By the Beach Fundraiser

Well T-minus 18hours until the Battle By the Beach fundraiser for DefCon begins and good lord its been a tough week with still so much to do. Before work tonight I must finish this damn Black Templar Commander for the auction otherwise I'll never fogive myself...well I might considering I really want to keep it...darn. Everyone else seems to be doing the same, licks of paint on old models here, re-gluing there preparing rules for games. Goodness, we are on thin ice here.

We hope to get a good amount of money tomorrow from the various events we have planned: the Battle by the Beach itself, which is our big tank battle with some pesky input from the Last Chancers throughtout the day, an Eldar v Necrons Kill Team (yes, remember 4th edition??) table which is looking awesome, speed painting and blind painting. The death race table being set up by Fraser is spectacular and I adore the rule-set he;s come up with. Oh and the character bash will be good times too.

Tomorrow I'll post up some pictures from the event, just to get the juices flowing for some people who are interested. In the meantime, here's mr unfinished who I'll be putting in the auction, pardon the sub-par camera being used by the good digital has picked today to die.

Not quite finished...

More to come.


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