Friday, 19 June 2009

DC Progress #1

So first DefCon post XD.

Crazy week, emailing GW and the local council, however it seems we have the situation with both in an amicable place which is always good. Our initial goal of 30th August seems a little pie in the sky at the moment, so myself and the team are now considering sometime in early October. A bit of a blow, but hey, you take your lumps.

We'll be holding our Battle By the Beach fundraising event in the 27th June in Ayr and so far there has been a great response from the local gaming community. Hopefully it will turn out to be a great day.

Finally, in this short update, I need to thank my old mate Andrew who has kindly taken it upon himself to do the artwork for the event, so here is his initial WIP.

More to come.


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